Who We Are

Inspiring, Energizing, and Resourcing our diverse churches to carry out their God-given mission.


Our Core Values

  • Acceptance - We are committed to reaching out to all people with the love and grace of Jesus Christ because we believe that each person is created in the image of God and is loved by God. Our passion is to develop an "acceptance" culture within our NorthStar churches.
  • Service - We are committed to enthusiastically giving our lives to meet the needs of those around us and around the world for the sake of the Gospel. Our passion is to develop a "servanthood" culture within our NorthStar churches.
  • Spiritual Growth - We are committed to the truth that spiritual transformation is a lifelong process that occurs best while in Christian community and while engaging with God's Word and boldly living out our faith on a daily basis. Our passion is to develop a "discipleship" culture within our NorthStar churches.
  • Innovation - We are committed to sharing the Gospel by following the leadership of God's Spirit while being open and willing to creatively utilize new and different methodologies to share Jesus with a changing world. Our passion is to encourage a "dynamic Christian culture" within our NorthStar churches.

Empowering, Equipping, and Encouraging

God's people for greater impact.
  • Empowering Leaders - Positive, healthy leadership is the key that unlocks the door for growth and spiritual development in the life of a church. In the Bible, servant leadership is proactive, faith-filled, and dynamic. One of our primary purposes at NorthStar is to proactively empower pastors and church leaders to exercise servant leadership.
  • Equipping Churches - The culture in which we live is in the constant process of dynamic change. Therefore, it is critical for churches to navigate these changes in a healthy way if they expect to have a vibrant ministry in the world. One of the major goals of NorthStar is to equip churches with the resources needed in order for them to have a relevant and effective ministry in the world.
  • Encouraging Community - It is true that churches can be more effective together than they can be alone. There is power in unity and community. One of the primary reasons for our network is to provide an opportunity for churches to support one another, learn from each other, pray for one another and carry out big vision together. NorthStar is focused on encouraging a vibrant sense of community among our churches.

 NorthStar Church Network Foundational Beliefs