Church Planting

A Priority to Plant

One of our priorities during the coming years at NorthStar is to plant new churches in the Northern Virginia area. This is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, and the growth of our churches falls way behind the growth of the population. Studies indicate that new churches generally reach unchurched people much faster than existing churches. Therefore, planting new churches is very critical for the future of the church in this region.

Since our culture is undergoing such dramatic change, this means that the style and approach of planting new churches is also undergoing change. For many years, attractional church plants were the norm. The attractional model is still very effective in many cases. However, we are also seeing an increase in missional churches, small group-community based churches, Fresh Expressions, multisite churches, and church mergers. The truth is that multi-sites are probably the fastest growing form of starting new church sites. Also, it is important to note that church mergers create 40% of all new multi-sites in our country.

NorthStar will be passionately involved in all forms of new church plants in the coming days. We have a Church Planting Team which meets on a regular basis.

Our contact persons for NorthStar are the following:

There are also a number of partners with whom we work in the area of church planting. These partners include:

V3 - BGAV Church Planting

SBCV Church Planting

North American Mission Board Church Planting in Northern Virginia

  • 800.634-2462

Fresh Expressions US

For information on church mergers, contact one of the following: