NorthStar Church Consulting

NorthStar Church Network is dedicated to providing practical assistance to churches in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, we began NorthStar Church Consulting to focus on providing highly skilled, professional experts who can assist churches with specific ministry goals they face. NorthStar will cover a portion of the cost for the initial consultation for contributing NorthStar member congregations. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of the consultants, please contact Bryan Jones. 

The areas of expertise include the following:


Church Security

Security is a concern for all congregations. Security consulting discusses specific needs and concerns of individual churches. The consulting will also cover resources and information to address the needs. Security concerns can include physical or construction site security; sanctuary/pastor security; child care; active shooter; cameras and live monitoring; starting a security team; training of new or existing security team; firearms; arrest authority; vandalism; assaults; arson; working with law enforcement; mutual aid between congregations; cross-training crisis-related ministries (counseling, security, medical, ushers, building services, transportation); radios; and security gear. 

Audio/Video/Streaming/Information Technology

Whether your church is looking at upgrading its technology in your worship center to include video or audio upgrades to considering streaming your services online, our consultants can come and meet with your team to figure the most economical way to accomplish this vision. Also, our consultants are able to work with you on office computer upgrades, Wi-Fi capabilities, and other general technology and computer issues. We are also able to assess, revamp and/or create modern network setups, including cloud migration with useful and dynamic collaborative tools. This can range from the office to community outreach programs that may be associated with your church. 

Video Production/Filming

If your church is looking at filming short or long videos for your website, to show in your services, or to begin posting content on a social media platform, our consultant can come and meet with your team and either lead them through the process or take care of filming and producing a video from start to finish. 

Accounting and Financial Systems

From bookkeeping software to managing contributions from members to being a church in compliance with tax issues, financial and accounting issues can become overwhelming for a congregation. Our consultant can assess the types of programs, professionals, or systems your church should have in place to ensure you are in compliance and being a good steward of the resources God has given you. 

Human Resources/Project Management

People are one of your greatest resources. Are your current systems and processes set up to engage, empower and incentivize your human capital? Leverage the expertise and passion of a senior level human capital strategist to asses your current HR processes and systems, advise on strategy, lead special projects, or organize volunteers for maximum impact. Available for short-term or long-term projects as well as ongoing support in key process areas, including:
-Full Cycle Recruiting and Staffing Plans
-In-processing and Onboarding
-Performance Management
-Payroll Administration
-Compliance Documentation and Training
-Employee and Volunteer Engagement
-Total Compensation

Website Design/Graphic Design

Having an engaging website is a crucial component for each church to have an online presence. Our consultant can meet with your team and discuss a complete communication strategy for social media as well as create a website for your congregation. Our consultant can also work with your church to develop or redevelop logos and graphics that will help communicate the message of your church to your community.  


Whether your church is looking at constructing a new building or renovating an existing space, our Architect consultant can help in developing plans and a process forward to make the vision a reality.  

Interior Design

Whether your church is looking at redoing a single room or an entire section of your building, our North Star Interior Design Consultants can help with everything from paint colors, to room design, to furnishings to help make the needed changes to update your space. 

Strengths Finder Training

Discover your top five talents and how you can put these strengths into action with your church ministry, your vocation, and your family. Have your staff and/or your lay leaders take the assessment and determine the incredible potential that you have by focusing on your areas of strength. Also, your leadership team will greatly benefit from learning the strengths of their team members. 

Voice Over

When someone calls your church, does the voice on your answering system create the right impression? Our consultant offers voice over services, from providing the recording for your telephone system, narrating your videos, or any other situation where a professional sounding voice would make the difference. Listen to demos at