Neighboring Resources

We're excited that you've committed to Neighboring! Here are some resources to help you impact your neighborhood with the love of Christ. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so on our Neighboring page.

Resources for Neighboring Churches

  • INFORMATIONAL BROCHURES ABOUT NEIGHBORING - we have brochures available for you to hand out at your church. Let us know if you need these and how many by emailing Mary Beth Inman.
  • SIGN-UP LIST - Use this list to have people sign up to commit to Neighboring in a small group or at an information desk at your church. If you are signing up people from various churches use this list so we know which church they attend. Once you have some sign-ups, send the list to Mary Beth Inman.*
  • SIGN-UP CARDS - Print these and hand them out in your worship service to have individuals or families commit to Neighboring. Then send the list to Mary Beth Inman or send the cards to our office.* 
  • SERMON OUTLINES AND POWERPOINT SLIDES - The Art of Neighboring offers a free 3-week sermon series available for you to use. You can also choose to just preach one sermon using these outlines.
  • SMALL GROUP STUDY - The Art of Neighboring offers a free 6-week video-based study available.
  • VIDEOS - NorthStar has created a couple videos introducing the Neighboring Movement in our area. The Art of Neighboring also has a YouTube channel with several videos available. 
  • SPEAKERS FROM NORTHSTAR - Have someone from NorthStar come and speak at your church about Neighboring or share about their Neighboring experience. Email Mary Beth Inman to request a speaker.
  • BLOCK MAP- use this to challenge your congregation to learn the names of their neighbors. Or order refrigerator magnets with the block map.
  • More to come!

*It's important that NorthStar receives this information so we can keep track of how many Neighboring households we have in our Network. This information is for NorthStar Church Network and will not be shared.

Resources for Individuals and Families Committed to Neighboring

  • THE ART OF NEIGHBORING - this book about building genuine relationships right outside your door challenges all of us: What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors? The authors, Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon, are pastors outside of Denver, CO, and started a Neighboring movement in their area and share about their experiences.
  • BLOCK PARTY KIT - throw a block party in your neighborhood.
  • More to come!