The Art of Neighboring

What if Jesus meant our actual neighbors?


Getting to Know Your Neighbors in 2019

We live in a culture in which most people do not even know the names of their neighbors, much less have a close relationship with them. The simplest and best way to impact our culture for Jesus is to begin to care for and love our neighbors next door. 

Imagine if this were to happen in NorthStar. We could see God's love and care being intentionally and actively demonstrated in neighborhoods throughout the Northern Virginia area.

We would love to have congregations take part in this initiative and encourage at least 1,000 NorthStar families to make a commitment to The Art of Neighboring in 2018. All of our NorthStar churches, regardless of size, ethnicity, and resources could participate in this endeavor. It's easy. Just challenge your members to do what Jesus asked. Love your neighbor.

Two basic steps to The Art of Neighboring:

  1. Commit to learning and using your neighbors' names.
  2. Pray for your neighbors and the next steps in your relationship.

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What good things might happen if you truly got to know the people in your neighborhood and they got to know you? We all need to get back to the basics of what Jesus commanded: love God and love others. What you do in your front yard counts as real ministry!

-Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon, The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationship Right Outside Your Door

Can you imagine the impact that our churches can have on the Northern Virginia area if over 1,000 families make a commitment to "loving their neighbors?" What if each of the 1,000 houses pinpointed on this map represented actual homes in NorthStar that are impacting their neighborhoods with the love of Christ? Help us make this map a reality by joining our neighborhood movement below. 

Check out resources for Neighboring Churches and Individuals on our Neighboring Resources page.