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10 Random Acts of Kindness

Below are 10 Random Acts of Kindness most of us can do. Ask God to give you the opportunity to bless someone this week!

  1. Send a note in the mail to someone who came to mind today. Thank them for something they did or just let them know you were thinking of them and wish them a happy week.
  2. Put a neighbor’s garbage/recycling can away for them. If they store it where you don’t have access, simply take it closer to the house.
  3. Give a genuine compliment to a total stranger.
  4. Take a roll of quarters to a local laundromat and bless someone doing laundry. (Or fill the slots to several machines without being noticed.)
  5. Buy a few extra umbrellas to give out when you see someone walking or at a bus stop in the rain.
  6. Compliment a well-behaved child in church. (Or doctor’s office. Or any other place where children tend to get bored.)
  7. Leave a home-baked treat (or store bought) in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
  8. Arrive at church a few minutes early and find a mom (or family) who needs help getting little ones from the car into the church.
  9. Purchase several $5 McDonald’s gift cards to give to those asking for help on the street corners.
  10. Let someone behind you go in front of you in the line. 
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