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A Letter to Derek Chauvin

My heart is breaking for you

I do not know how to get this letter to you

But I am writing it anyway

Because it is my desire to share with you

The Love of God in Christ.

The murder you committed - Mr. George Floyd

Has broken the camel’s back

It has caused the eruption of the volcano of oppression

Prayerfully for good - reform in this country
It is vitally and absolutely necessary.

However, as a sinner forgiven by grace and having
Experienced the deep deep love of God in Christ Jesus

I would love to share this inexplicable amazing love with you

It is what you need right now.

The Enemy has used you and left you; you are alone

The pain, guilt, weight, shame and all else relating to what you have done

Is so heavy and overwhelming that you believe it is easier to die

Just end it...however, it would not be the end.

Before you sinned, God’s amazing Love was, and is, available for you

Before you sinned, God’s forgiveness was, and is, at your disposal

Before you sinned, God’s grace was, and is, poured for you

Before you sinned, God’s mercy was, and is, active and working for you.

I would love to sit with you, cry with you, tell you that you are not alone. But mostly, I would like to share this eternal love which has been revealed to us - this Godly love, which values your life so much that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, in order to save you and me. It has been called “reckless love”. I call it “senseless love” because I cannot make sense of it since I experienced it 38 years ago —
I simply believe it. You can too.

Pam Chisholm

Pam Chisholm is the former Senior Pastor of Greenbrier Baptist Church in Arlington, VA. This was originally posted on Pam's social media accounts.



Larry Springer on 6/3/20 11:17pm

Hi Pam,
I commend you for showing the love of Jesus to a person who is now probably hated (I shouldn't even be saying that word) by millions of people around the world. But we as Christians know he is still loved by the Lord and, "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise ... Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

Apparently due to his temperament he is also losing his wife of 10 years and I'm sure will (and definitely better) spend many years in prison. I'm not making any excuses for his atrocious past behavior of amassing 17 complaints in 18 years as a policeman, but it's obvious that he should have been removed and then banned from returning to the police force many, many years ago. So, our police departments need a MASSIVE overhaul in taking care of problematic policemen rather than just giving them a 'slap on the hand' or overlooking entirely their history of malicious incidents. Those in charge need to be held accountable also.

Getting back to God's grace, I pray that he will find Jesus as many people finally hear the wake-up call upon reaching prison. Hopefully he will be where there is a good prison ministry and turn his life around. Jesus completely turned Saul of Tarsus around from vengefully killing Christians to being one of the greatest evangelists of the first century, and of the New Testament writers. So there may be hope for Derek Chauvin also.

But what is important is that not just the police, but ALL people treat each other as brothers and sisters with Christ's love. There are NO RACES so there should be no racism as we have all descended from Adam & Eve (and then the three sons of Noah and their wives which is now confirmed by creation scientists through genetic reconstruction). So, I pray that this incident will finally be the straw that broke the camel's back as someone being interviewed said. Life will never be perfect as we live in a fallen world, BUT a massive change needs to occur NOW!