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An Advent Devotion: The God Who Sees

“What do you want me to know?” I asked.

I recently attended a conference with many other NorthStar women. One morning before breakfast, I sat on the edge of my bed in prayer and asked, “Father, what do you want me to know?” After a short time of complete stillness, He lovingly answered with, “I see you.” 

It was the first time the Lord ever said those words to me, but it was not to be the last. Throughout that day, God confirmed His word as various speakers made some type of reference to God seeing us. It was crazy! As I shared those words with a few friends, they continued to confirm the message as they heard it throughout the day, as well.  

Those three words, “I see you,” have been permeating my thoughts so much this Advent season as I am beginning to realize how foundational they are in this season of Advent.  

From the beginning of time, God has seen us. 
He saw Adam and Eve in the garden. 
He saw the Israelites in slavery. 
He saw Moses by the burning bush. 
He saw David shepherding his flock. 

On and on throughout Scripture, God sees His people.  

In the first chapter of Luke, God sees Zechariah, Elizabeth, and their newborn son, John. He also sees Elizabeth’s relative, Mary. God sees them as they are and more importantly, as they are yet to be.  

And God‘s view of them is so different from that of the world’s. 

The world looked upon barren Elizabeth with disgrace, yet God looked upon her with love. He saw her from the inside out. He saw her righteousness, her faithfulness and her obedience. Once Elizabeth discovered that God saw her, that was all that really mattered. When we realize God sees us in our place, we discover our true significance. 

The world looked upon Elizabeth’s son, John the Baptizer, as odd. He lived in the wilderness, ate locusts and wild honey, drank no wine, and was clothed with camel’s hair. 

Yet, God saw Him before he was even born, fulfilling his purpose as the forerunner of Christ, preparing people’s hearts and turning them back to the Lord. When we recognize that God sees us in our purpose, it fuels our focus and drives us forward.  

The world looked at Elizabeth’s relative, Mary, as young and ordinary, yet God saw her and called her blessed among women. Before He even came to her, He saw her potential to believe in the fulfillment of what would be spoken to her. He knew she was the one. When God sees us in our potential, nothing is impossible for Him to bring about. If only we would believe and step out in faith, as Mary did.  

Perhaps God’s reminder to us this Advent season is, “I see you.” 

I see you in your place. I see you in your purpose. And I see you in your potential. I see your successes, and I see your struggles. I see your joys and I see your sorrows. I see who you are and who you are yet to be – not from a distance, but up close and personal, because I am right there with you. Where you are, there I am also.  

I see you.

As we await the coming of the Christ child, let us remember our God as the God who sees.  

Katie Harding serves as Associate Director of NorthStar Church Network and Founder/Director of NorthStar Women's Network.


Eloise on 12/18/19 6:53pm

I have read your devotion over and over. From the first paragraph, I knew you were the author. I loved it and will be including it in my Advent devotions. Thank you, Katie. You are such a blessing to so many.