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Fresh Grounded Faith Conference

She got her ticket and is excited to spend the day listening to one of her favorite speakers, Jennifer Rothschild. She’s followed her for years and is glad to finally be seeing her in person.

She bought a ticket for her and her neighbor. After hearing the pastor’s message on reaching our neighbors, she bravely left her comfort zone and walked next door to invite the lady she usually only waves to when leaving her driveway. Surprisingly, she was so friendly and welcoming. Her neighbor is an introvert by nature and has really been feeling like she needs a friend or two lately. She’s so grateful she came over to invite her to the conference and she immediately wrote it on her calendar.

A Sunday School class of 12 women who’ve known each other for years have gone together to get group tickets. They’re not really concerned with who’s speaking; they’re more interested in spending time together doing something fun.

“Laura Story is a truly gifted worship leader,” she tells her mom. She downloads some of Laura’s songs and shares the playlist with her mom. They buy their tickets and secure the babysitter for the day. Her mom has never been to a women’s conference, but she’s excited for the day.

She saw a flyer in Starbucks. She’s new to the area and doesn’t have any friends yet. She’s never heard of the speaker or worship leader, but she is willing go by herself in hopes of connecting with some like-minded women. Who knows? She may even find a new home church.

She has an old friend at the gym and she’s been trying to find different ways to share her faith with her. Her friend has no faith background and has struggled recently with some difficult relationships. She invites her friend to come with her and her friend says maybe it’s just what she needs.

She lives in a diverse neighborhood and has talked to her neighbor across the street on occasion. She knows she struggles with her English and is afraid to get out and make friends. Because the conference will have Spanish and Korean translation, she is excited to invite her. She’s hoping her neighbor will also meet some friends who speak her native language.

Take time to look around and see who you might invite. There may be many reasons someone agrees to come. Be intentional to think of everyone you come in contact with each day. 

Several years ago a young woman called my office and I felt the Spirit prompting me to invite her to the conference. When I asked her about it, she said, “Yes,” right away. After the event she told me how glad she was she had come. She had been struggling and said the day was just what she needed. She ended the conversation with, “You’ll never know how much your invite meant to me.”

Who is God asking you to invite today?

Michele Husfelt works with Ministry Development for NorthStar Women's Network.

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