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Grateful For These Neighbors

Tonight I'm resting comfortably in my childhood neighbors' Florida. My flight was delayed and rebooked for tomorrow, and as soon as the change was made I thought of my neighbors, Ethel and Ray, who live about 20 minutes from the airport.

When I told the woman in front of me in the 'rebook-your-flight' line I was calling up childhood neighbors to: 1) Pick me up at the airport, 2) Host me as their guest, 3) Feed me, and 4) Take me to the airport at 4:30 a.m. the next morning--she looked at me like I was crazy; but I knew Ray and Ethel would help me. That's what neighbors do.

I wanted to tell her these are the same people who judged 1000 beauty pageants between their daughter Sarah and me. They created winner and runner-up envelopes and everything (even though we ALWAYS tied--much to my competitive heart's chagrin.) These are the same people who watched me build snowmen in their front yard. They drove me to swim team practice and home from church events. Sure, the years have flown by and I haven't seen them in awhile, but they'll always be my neighbors.

This chance encounter made me happy to grow up in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. Grateful for these neighbors.

Katie McKown, Associate Director of the School of Ministry for John Leland Center for Theological Studies, wrote this on February 24 about a recent neighboring experience.

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