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VergeNow! Now Is The Time For Experimentation in the Church

Imagine if every day we approached church putting yesterday's discoveries to the test, ready to believe that the deepest truth of it has once again escaped us?  What if our thirst for Jesus got greater over time; the more of God we experienced the more we wanted? What if church were a place of rehearsal for life, testing out, living into and practicing the presence of God?

I believe that's exactly how it's meant to be! 

The Bible is a treasure trove of material for holy play, sacred discovery, satisfying lament, and a window into the heart of God.

Our congregational gatherings regardless of how organized or messy, formal or informal, large or small can be alive, electric, full, deep and simple when we turn on our imaginations and learn to improvise together in the vulnerable dance of Christian community.

Our connection to the world can truly be a hope-filled, generative beacon of light when we have a crystal clear vision of the world as God sees it.

God is calling us to unleash our creativity and reclaim the vibrant spiritual imagination that is integral to being created in the image of the Divine One. For the sake of the Church, now is a time for experimentation which means strengthening our creative muscles. 

But How?

More and more we hear about the need for creativity in church and outreach. But, often the conversation ends before we get to the “how.” Last fall, Convergence received a grant from the Duke Street Trinity Baptist Memorial Foundation to create the resource website to share case studies, a blog and podcast to address the “how” and to encourage and inspire other faith communities to more fully embrace the arts and creativity in the life of their congregations.

Thank you so much to NorthStar for being a part of this journey. I hope you will take a look, join the conversation and share the site with anyone who’s looking to get more creative in church!

Lisa Cole Smith is the Artistic Director/Pastor of Convergence: A Creative Community of Faith in Alexandria, VA. Email her at to continue the conversation.