One of NorthStar's main goals is to resource our churches. We strive to do this in multiple ways through a variety of resources. Please see below for resources we have available. If your church needs assistance in an area not listed below, feel free to contact us by or phone at 703.941.6822.

Counseling Assistance Program

NorthStar Church Network is committed to supporting and encouraging our ministry staff and their families. Healthy ministers and families assist our churches to be healthy. Under The Counseling Assistance Program, NorthStar makes covenants with pastoral counselors to provide up to four counseling sessions.

Persons included in this program are those working in a church officially associated with NorthStar in a pastoral or other paid church staff position, including spouses and children.

Persons seeking to utilize this program may personally contact one of the counselors on our list. This is a confidential program and no notification of name or church is made to nor record kept by the office of NorthStar Church Network. This program provides funds to cover up to four counseling sessions for eligible persons.


Ministry Grants
NorthStar has grant money available for our member churches for:
-College Student and Young Adult Ministries
-George Mason University Student Ministries
-Sabbaticals for Pastors and Administrative Staff
-Mini-Grants for Churches
-Community Ministry Camps in multi-family housing
-Local Shelter Ministries
Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis, churches may apply for one grant per quarter, and grants may be submitted once a year per category. Grants may not be used for operational expenses.
Grant Process and Guidelines  /  Grant Application
If you have any questions, contact Katie Harding.

Community Outreach Equipment Grant
Community Outreach Equipment Grants provide mini-grants to NorthStar churches seeking to rent block party-style equipment (moon bounce, popcorn, cotton candy, and sno-cone machines, etc.) for community outreach events. Grants may be requested at any time throughout the year. To be eligible, the church must be financially contributing to NorthStar. Please complete this application and email it to .

Open Air Cinema

NorthStar has an outdoor movie system available for member churches to rent at a minimal cost. The system includes a 20-foot inflatable movie screen with projection and sound equipment. This is ideal for churches wanting to reach out to their neighbors with an outdoor movie event. For more information or to reserve the equipment, contact Mary Beth Inman.
Open Air Cinema Policies and Usage Agreement

Pulpit Supply

NorthStar is connected with several ministers who are available to preach at our member churches on single or multiple weekend(s) when their pastor is unavailable. To request pulpit supply, contact Bryan Jones.

Sabbatical Assistance

NorthStar encourages all our churches to grant sabbaticals to their pastors, which starts with creating a sabbatical policy. If your church does not have a sabbatical policy, NorthStar has resources to help develop a policy, and a Sabbatical Grant for churches that have a new sabbatical policy.

Click here for a copy of the Sabbatical Grant Guidelines.

Sabbatical Kits are now available at NorthStar. Kits include the Sabbatical Booklet and video: "Sabbaticals: Restoration, Renewal and Refreshment."
To request a Sabbatical Kit, or for more information, please contact Katie Harding.
To download the discussion questions for "Developing a Sabbatical Policy" please click here.

Search Teams Assistance

NorthStar staff is available to assist search teams by meeting with and training the team as needed when a church is looking for a new pastor. If you would like assistance with your search team, contact Bryan Jones.