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A Personal Insight on Ukraine

As someone who was born and spend his formative years in a Russian city located 200 miles from the Ukrainian border, I find the fratricidal conflict between the two peoples particularly shocking. Growing up, I could not fathom that anything like this might happen. Sin can rear its ugly head in ways vicious and unexpected.

Unfortunately, the consequences will reverberate for generations. It is incumbent upon all of us to pray for peace in this part of the world and do what we can to help millions of refugees displaced by this tragedy.


Dr. Andrey Shirin is Director of Transformational Leadership at The John Leland Center for Theological Studies.


Posted by Andrey Shirin with 2 Comments


Rev. Pamela Moyer on 3/10/22 1:54pm

I've been thinking of you, Dr. Shirin, and about Dr. Toom during this tragedy. Praying for any family you may have there, and for PEACE. Prayers abound . . .

Andrey Shirin on 3/11/22 1:31pm

Thank you, Pam.